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Welcome to Dragonhearts 
At the head of every charge, there is always one with the heart of a dragon.

Guild News

Weekly News

solonolreksilverwolf, May 28, 11 5:24 AM.
New Guild Ship

I would like to thank and offer props to all who helped us reach guild level 25 so fast. The new guild ship that we have, the "Stormglory Bolt", will be our guild ship until we reach guild level 50, so it is a great milestone and a ship that will see a lot of use. I would also offer out a deep sense of gratitude to all of you who decided to choose guild renown as your end rewards instead of loot. Giving up items and platinum is not always easy to do when leveling a character because it means you have to work harder to get the items you want/need to improve your character.

Change of Bank Storage

On our last ship, we had a guild chest for everyone to use at will and no set system with it. This wasn't the wisest choice. We had a person join our guild, take out all of the highly valuable items out of our chest, then leave the guild. Due to this, we now have a bank toon named Banktoonfor Dragonhearts. If you have anything you would like to donate to the guild, please send it to him from now on. Some items might be sent back to the sender if they are not exactly up to par with what people really need or would even want. A log will be kept of who donates what and will be put into the point system on the website.
This new system also comes with rules to safeguard from what happened with the guild chest potentially happening with the bank character. The point system on the website, called DKP or raid points, will be the currency to "buy" things from the guild bank. Points will be given for donations, attending guild events, posting on the website, and generally contributing to the betterment of the guild.

Upcoming Website Features

solonolreksilverwolf, May 18, 11 8:25 PM.
Before long, our website will be the one stop shop for any guild questions or info you might have concerning the guild. Given time, I hope to see the website flourish from use from our members, keeping us informed and close even though some of us play in different time zones than others. If you have any ideas for the website, ust leave them as a comment on this news item and myself (Juglans) as well as the other two of the High Council, Zilath and Rubonvon, will discuss it and address it.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

solonolreksilverwolf, May 9, 11 11:19 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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